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ARI-FABA Bellow Seal Globe Valve Flanged Type Nodular Iron, PN-16

Non-Rising Handwheel operated, with flanged connections, double wall bellows seal, plug with marginal seat and a bonnet optimised for accessories.

Options available upon request include angle pattern bodies, flanges according to ANSI, regulating plugs, open & close limit switches and PTFE seats.

End Connection Flanged PN16
Body Material Nodular Iron
Size 1/2″ (DN15), 3/4″ (DN20), 1″ (DN25), 1 1/4″ (DN32), 1 1/2″ (DN40), 2″ (DN50), 2 1/2″ (DN65), 3″ (DN80), 4″ (DN100), 5″ (DN125), 6″ (DN150), 8″ (DN200), 10″ (DN250), 12″ (DN300)
Design Bellows Sealed, Handwheel Non Rising Stem
Industry / Approvals High Temperature
Manufacturer ARI-Armaturen


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Product description

The ARI FABA-Plus Stop valve is ideal for isolation duties requiring bellows seals for maintenance free operation.

Suitable for industrial uses in applications such as recycling facilities, chemical industries, hospitals, process water installations for mediums such as steam, process water, air and oil.

Key Features:

  • Double Wall Bellows Seal
  • Non-rising Handwheel
  • PN16 Flanged Connection
  • Nodular Iron (EN-JS1049) Body
  • PN16 up to 350°C Rated
  • DN15 (1/2”) to DN300 (12”)




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