Tools and Accessories

Vickers and Denison Hydraulics: : In the field of hydraulic equipments Vickers and Denison is a world wide recognized company. They produce all types of DC values, cylinders and other equipments in the fields of hydraulic.
Deublin : Deublin USA is a world wide recognized company. They produce precision rotating unions’ connections for water, steam, air, hydraulic, vacuum, coolant, and hot oil service. Deublin rotating union used for continuous casting machines in the steel industry, papermaking industry etc.
Wika Germany : Wika is leading company in the field of measuring equipments. They have 50 years of experience which made them on of the leading companies today for pressure and temperature measurement.
KITZ Valves Japan : When it comes to valves, Kitz is tough to beat. we have on of the broadcast lines of high performance valves in the industry. But there’s something else that distinguishes Kitz from the others. It’s quality. From design inception to final creating, every single part is built in-house and inspected each step of the way by one of the most sophisticated quality assurance systems in the industry. We even have our own foundries – so we know our standards are the very highest. This encompasses all aspects of our wide-ranging product line.
A) Water Utility :
B) Steam Utilities: :
C) Pneumatic Utilities: :
D) Hydraulic Utilities : :
E) Chemical Utilities :
F) Measuring Equipments : :
g) Gas/ Burner utilities: :